Congratulations to STYLUS STUDIO Founder/Director Vincent Zhang for his device design “Killing woods”, which has won the Gold Award in the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN AWARD and has won the only Platinum Award in the Gold category.

Vincent Zhang, as an architectural interior designer, we are facing large-scale renovation of a hotel project, often has to replace and discard a huge of high-quality but outdated furniture and wooden furniture. Due to the aesthetic changes of the trend, reflect on whether the trendy style is improving life or repeating created garbage.

The project was dismantled and discarded from the old staircase in a renovation project—extrusion and splicing throughout the process. Vincent Zhang touched the heavy solid wood with his hands and felt very touching. Although Furniture brands have been promoting solid wood as a precious resource, on the other hand, we are wasting so much.

There is no right or wrong in the trend style or the material, but people’s preferences affect its existence. Therefore, when pursuing the trend, I hope to protect nature’s gifts and preserve nature’s beauty for all generations.