Meaningful Design
Seeks the Truth

We make it our responsibility to learn and consider multiple narratives of the same story. 

This means we are great listeners: to our clients, to each other, to the history and environment of a place, and to needs of the ultimate users. We ask a lot of questions, and may even question what you believe your basic challenge is, or what you think you need from us.

Meaningful Design
Originates from Balance

Balancing contrasts gives birth to creativity — it’s what gives meaningful spaces their impact.

Our design philosophy originates in the concept of balance. Balance comes from contrast: from the duality of the heart and mind; with respect of a place, its people, and their needs to reinterpret the future space; from harmonizing practicality and aesthetics so the two are one in the same. It’s a loaded word, but we see it like riding a bike; you need to have balance to move forward.  


Meaningful Design
Needs Discipline

Discipline may sound like a threatening word, but to us, discipline equals freedom.

The more disciplined we are professionally the more efficient and trusted we become to operate independently. Our work doesn’t just call for creativity; it requires mastery in our process, attention to detail throughout the whole schedule, and diplomatic control to do what we do best — materialise the meaningful.